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Jay Matthews
"I really enjoy what I do in that I'm helping people get to a place where they feel good about where they're at with regard to their retirement benefits. It's a kind of peace that is both necessary and valued and I'm glad to be a part of the process that gets people to that point. The government employees, now more than ever, need this sort of peace and I have made it a mission of mine to help those employees reach that goal".

Jay Matthews
Co-Founder, RSS, Inc.

Mr. Matthews is currently the National Director of Business Development for Retirement Systems Solutions. He is responsible for all matters relating to both the development of RSS regional specialists across the nation and the creation of comprehensive and up-to-date training materials for federal, state and local employees or agencies. He specializes in federal, state and local benefits training and coordinates agency-sponsored and public seminars on how to structure retirement benefits.

As a long-time resident of the Tidewater region of Virginia Mr. Matthews has served countless number of government employees. His "coaching and teaching" methods for the government employee have long distinguished him as a valuable resource in his community. His diverse background and years of experience in multiple industries serves Retirement Systems Solutions well in that it enables us to bring valuable insight to the agencies that we serve.

Mr. Matthews graduated in 1986 from Virginia Tech. He holds a Bachelors degree in Finance and Management. Jay and his wife, Dr. Cathy Matthews, have two children, Nicholas and Sadie.

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