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We know what it means to serve those who are serving.
As fellow, federal retirees we get it...

Welcome to your one stop shop for Retirement Benefits support. At Retirement Systems Solutions (RSS) we aim to empower the government employee with impactful and detailed knowledge about their retirement benefits package and teach them how to maximize those same benefits!

Retirement Systems Solutions, Inc. (RSS) offers the federal workforce some of the most comprehensive federal retirement benefits training and education available. This is accomplished through public and government-contracted workshops and clinics. Our workshops and clinics are taught by former federal government employees and retired Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Human Resources employees. They are recognized and credentialed as retirement benefits training specialists! They have over 50 years of combined experience training and teaching in the federal workplace. These workshops and clinics cover all stages of the federal employee's working journey, from new accessions to pre-retirees. Our workshops and clinics are tailored to address the unique issues of all federal employees, including the special category employee (law enforcement, fire fighters, air traffic controllers, etc...). These valuable training venues will range in time from small, topical lunchtime clinics (1-2 hours) to the more popular half or full day career workshops. We have made it our mission to educate the government work force.

Your Government Benefits MRI. Do you need a "Federal Benefits Checkup"?


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